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Our wood signs have a unique look and feel.  They are based upon late 19th century designs when use of text oriented pub and trade signs were at their height.  While our signs are made to order and brand new, most conform in shape, lettering and style to that of old time signs.  Our craftsman put a lot of time and care into each product, finishing with a hand rubbed stain that gives the sign that perfect look.

Pool Hustler Wood Sign


  1. EDGES: Our signs either have a routered edge, framed edge or flat edge.

    Our framed edge signs are reminiscent of old British & Irish pub signs. Framed signs use real milled poplar that is hand bent and cut to fit the sign. They also have a light stain applied to give them a more aged look.

    A routed edge has a small groove routed into it, to which gold striping is applied. This gives the sign a more classic look.

    A painted edge sign has a cleaner, more modern look. The edges are rounded, but there is no goldstripe.

    We use real milled poplar for all of our frames. For signs with curved shapes, the frame is first steamed and bent to shape, or it is hand kerfed, which is the process of cutting slits into one edge of the frame to crate an arched shape.

  2. PAINTING AND 3D RELIEFS: Basecoats are first applied in the spray booth, before the top layers are paint screen the old fashioned way, by hand.
    RELIEFS:  Several of the larger signs contain three dimensional bas relief's of resin (see pool balls in above sign).   Colored reliefs are made of resin, with hand painted colors.
  3. PINSTRIPES:The routed-edge signs will then have goldstriping applied by hand to the groove in the routed edge.

  4. HARDWARE: All hardware is included.  Signs are ready to hang with keyhole on back.   All signs are intended for interior use only, except garden signs

  5. PERSONALIZATION: Personalized text is produced in vinyl with accents added by hand.
  6. STAIN:  All of our framed signs are finished with a hand rubbed stain to mellow the colors and give the sign more of an aged appearance.

  7. WOOD: All of our signs are made of REAL hardwood composites including cedar, poplar, pine and other top quality varieties